Sod Problem Drucken

This 1D Riemann problem first introduced by Sod [3] has become a standard test case for compressible flow solvers. The test setup is quite simple: A tube is filled with two fluids separated by a thin membrane. The fluids are at rest on either side, but each fluid is initiallized with different density and pressure. Then the membrane is removed instantly leading to a discontinuous flow with all three types of non-linear waves. The test checks the ability of the numerical scheme to reproduce the Rankine-Hugoniot jump condition at the shock and the correct density profile in the rarefaction.

(All physical quantities are given in dimensionless units.)

Initial condition Video
 1.0  0.125
 pressure  1.0  0.1
 velocity  0.0  0.0



 Theta  1.2
 Runtime  0.25
 Resolution  100



Solution at time t=0.25



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