2D Riemann Problems Drucken

The results presented in this section show the numerical solutions of  the inviscid Euler equations in 2D for the 19 tests proposed by Schulz-Rinne et al. [6].  These 2D Riemann problems were also used by several other authors [7,8,9] and became a standard collection of tests for compressible flow solvers. All computations were carried out on the unit square [-0.5x0.5]x[-0.5,0.5] using a planar cartesian grid. The initial setup requires that the computational domain is divided into four equally sized quadrants each of them initiallized with a different state. To distinguish the different configurations we use the numbering scheme given in [8]. The initial condition for each test is given on the corresponding page in non-dimensional units. In all tests we use the ideal gas equation of state with a constant ratio of specific heats (adiabatic index γ).

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