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Fosite – 2D advection problem solver

This program implements a new method for the solution of hyperbolic conservation laws in curvilinear orthogonal coordinates which is based on the work of Kurganov and Tadmor (Refs.: J. of Comp. Phys., vol. 160, pp. 241, 2000; Num. Meth. for PDEs, vol. 18, pp. 561, 2002) and extended by Illenseer and Duschl (Refs. : T. Illenseer PhD Thesis (German), University of Heidelberg, 2006; T. Illenseer & W. Duschl: arXiv:0804.2979 [physics.comp-ph], 2008; Comput. Phys. Comm., vol. 180, pp. 2283, 2009). It is written in Fortran 90/95 integrating the object-oriented (OO) design patterns described by Decyk and Gardner (Ref.:Comput. Phys. Comm., vol. 178(6), pp. 611, 2008). Hence it incorporates the flexibility of OO-programming into Fortran 90/95 and preserves efficiency of the numerical computation. Although mainly intended for CFD simulations its modular design allows an application to other advection problems as well. Unlike other two-dimensional implementations of finite volume methods it accounts for local conservation of specific angular momentum. This feature turns the program into a perfect tool for astrophysical simulations where angular momentum transport is crucial. In addition angular momentum transport is not only implemented for standard coordinate systems with rotational symmetry (i.e. cylindrical, spherical) but also for a general set of orthogonal coordinate systems allowing the use of exotic curvilinear meshes (e.g. oblate-spheroidal). As in the case of the advection problem this part of the software is also kept modular. Therefore new geometries may be incorporated into the framework in a straightforward manner.

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