Cau Kiel Arbeitsgruppe "Stern- und Planetenentstehung"
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wolf
MC3D: Monte-Carlo 3D Radiative Transfer Code
Sebastian Wolf -

Brief Description
  • 3D continuum radiative transfer code - based on the Monte Carlo method
  • Self-consistent calculation of the temperature distribution in 3D dust configurations
  • Simulation of images, polarization maps, and spectral energy distribution
  • Previous and current applications cover the simulation of images, SEDs, and polarization of protoplanetary and debris disks, Bok globules, AGN tori, ...

    The public version of MC3D is available on demand (contact: ).
    This version allows to consider 1D/2D/3D configurations (spherical coordinate system).

    Those who are already working with the MC3D may want to check for an update of the code the >following page<.

    MC3D comes along with
  • An executable for Linux (SuSE 9.0)
  • Source Code (Fortran 90), Makefiles, Compiling instructions
  • Integrated help files + Example
  • Simulation Analysis Tools (IDL)

  • Distribution Policy
    If you use this version of MC3D or parts of the code, please refer to
  • S. Wolf, "MC3D - 3D Continuum Radiative Transfer, Version 2", 2003, Comp. Phys. Comm. 150, 99
  • S. Wolf, Th. Henning, B. Stecklum, "Multidimensional Self-Consistent Radiative Transfer based on the Monte Carlo Method", 1999, Astron. & Astroph. 349, 839