Cau Kiel Arbeitsgruppe "Stern- und Planetenentstehung"
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wolf
Robert Brunngräber

Name: Dr. Robert Brunngräber
Room: 135
Phone: +49 431 - 880 1574
Position: Post-Doc

Research Topics:
  • Numerical radiative transfer simulations using the Monte-Carlo method (MC3D Wolf et al. 2003; Mol3d Ober et al. 2015)
  • Constraining the geometrical set-up of protoplanetary disks from observations
  • Using optical long-baseline interferometry (MIDI, PIONIER, MATISSE) to detect brightness asymmetries as tracers for planet formation on solar system scales (< 10 AU)
  • Predicting observational results for debris disks with porous dust grains

Principal investigator for ESO observations:
  • P99 VLTI/PIONIER -> temporal variability of 4 T Tauri stars
  • P98 VLTI/PIONIER -> temporal variability of 5 T Tauri stars


Conferences and Workshops: