The Ideal Radio Telescope

Joachim Köppen Kiel Oct. 2014

Some quick and basic explanations:

The Ideal Radio Telescop applet is a simulation of such a perfect but non-existing instrument. With it we can inspect the radio sky at any frequency (between about 1 and 30 GHz) as seen with a parabolic dish of any diameter and with a receiving system of any system temperature. Continuum emission from the quiet Sun, the Moon, an Earth-temperature flux calibration source, and a number of galaxies and nebulae as well as the thermal emission from the Earth atmosphere are simulated. For a number of real telescopes realistic noise can be added to the data.
The applet is organized in several pages which are accessed by the top buttons. They are

The following steps guide you to some basic operations:

JAVA needs to be installed or permitted to run on your machine