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This is where I put links to things about radio and electronics.

Societies, Organisations

Radio Society of Great Britain
Houston AMSAT Net


Deutsche Welle
Radio Nederland
Voice of Russia
Medium wave frequency list I
(Medium wave frequency list II) do not use: problem with address
Medium wave frequency list III

Natural Radio and Electronics

P.O.E.T.R.Y. : NASA's Public Outreach, Education and Training, Reaching Youth program: educational tools about the Earth's aurora and magnetosphere
VLF emissions
Jupiter's decametric emissions
Sodabottle magnetometer
VLF reception: the world below 22 kHz (active?)

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Magazine (Australia)

Homebrew pages by EI9GQ
In Practice Pages by G3SEK
K4XL's collection of circut diagrams of valved equipment
Alan Bain (M5AIQ): NEC and RA 17L etc
Encyclopedia of Amateur Radio Equipment by Almost All Digital Electronics
One-electron's Technician's Filing Cabinet (circuit diagrams)
Tom Norris (KA4RKT) site of schematics
Helge Fykse (LA6NCA) site

N2PK's Amateur Radio Projects Page with the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)


Heise Verlag
National Seminconductors

Circuit Simulation

SoftSim: circuit electromagnetics
SIMetrix: Spice
Microcap V
Siemens: Spice parameters

Software shareware
Spread Spectrum Scene: Public Domain Software
HF Propagation Models
R.S.Hornes's page
spectroGRAM Vers.6.0 audio frequency spectral analysis program

Spectrum Lab audio analysis tool by DL4YHF
NEC 2 antenna simulation program
unofficial NEC Home Page
unofficial NEC Archives

HF Progagation

Space Weather
Rutherford Research Labs
Space Environment Center (NOAA)
their home page
Space Weather
IPS Radio and Space Services (Australia)
Space Weather
ASAPS V4 program
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch : services, SWARM program
NASA Lewis Research Center : Mobile Aeronautics Education Laboratory
Extrapolated aurora maps predicted by NOAA
Aurora information from Poker Flat Research Range
Dominion Radio Astronomical Observatory !!!! problems with this page !!!!!
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report from DX Listener's Club
Solar data in the Yokkoh Data Archive
Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center
Propagation News from RSGB
Solar and Ionospheric News from Deutsche Welle
Propagation Bulletin of ARRL
Sunspot Index Data Center
HF Propagation Models Software from U.S. Department of Commerce: ICECAP, VOACAP
Link collection of Radio Nederland

Satellite Communications

Sven Grahn's Space Radio page
AMSAT homepage
Keplerian Elements from AMSAT
Keplerian Elements from NASA GSFC
Keplerian Elements from ARRL
Keplerian Elements from Celestrak
Keplerian Elements from Ken Ernandes N2WWD
Keplerian Elements via ftp from France
Keplerian Elements via ftp from Oxford

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