How to keep the Observatory Logbook

Joachim Köppen DF3GJ Kiel/Strasbourg/Illkirch Summer 2004

Please keep an exact and detailed record of whatever you do in the Observatory's log. This may seem to you a piece of unnecessary bureaucracy and of little use to you at the time you're doing it, but only a well-kept log will permit any person at any later time to track down faults or identify anything in the data!

It is quite unlikely that your data will be of Earth-shaking value, but in any case your data is really unique so once they are deleted, lost, or stolen, they're gone forever!!! But also, the lack of information how they were obtained makes the data useless!

You should

Certainly, this book-keeping will contain a lot of routine things, and surely it will seem a bit too sophisticated for our small and relatively simple experiment. But do take the time and do it as carefully and meticulously as if this was the Log of a billion dollar Space Mission! If nobody recorded that the filter had been taken out during the nighttime observations since interference from shortwave broadcasts are unlikely when it's dark, it might be very puzzling to explain why these data are different from those taken the other week ...

BTW: Any real observatory works like this, any project, any thesis....

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