ISU Summer Session 2003: some pictures ...

Joachim Köppen DF3GJ Kiel/Strasbourg/Illkirch Summer 2003

The team during assembly of the receivers. Sitting from left to right: Sabrina Bonnewijn, Jan Harry Hales, Young-Sook Lee, Yuki Takahashi, Katrina Brandstadt, Kenneth "Ed" Slane, Marc Grimminck, Bruno Altieri, Marco Nicolini. Standing: Jim Green and Joachim Köppen. Everybody too busy for giving any attention to the photographer!

Sometime later during the assembly, Ed Slane gives us a smile while Jan Harry and Young Sook are fully absorbed by their soldering work. You may notice on Ed's circuit board that the transistors of the audio stage had been installed, so there's still some way to go ...

And during the night, we had a look at the stars through ISU's mirror telescope, with Jim Burke at the Eyepiece and "Murat" Tursunmuratov - our Teaching Associate - being the happy man who had mastered the tricky computerized telecope control.

On the left is a somewhat skeptical Marco Nicolini ... but you can be sure that it wasn't Jim Green whom he was listening to!

This is the workshop room before the onslaught of the students...

.. and here everybody is at work, a view enjoyed by Mikhail Marov.

Something that I explain to Marco must be of the size of an orange...

Another view, but now my explanations to Marco deal with something smaller

Katrina, Ed, and Mike in action

Young-Sook, Yuki, and Mikhail Marov have discovered the photographer. This does not disturb Jim Burke who's probably planning something for his Lunar Mission team project.

We are standing in the "garden" of our building and having a look at the antenna insulator:

the antenna's feed point deserves a close inspection:

Sabrina imagines how the radio signals have to squeeze into the coaxial cable

and this is how we use a washing line to raise the antenna - and bring it down when a thunderstorm lurks.

But now, I'm having a sit-down at the "observatory" which we had set up in the library. Our hearty thanks go to our librarian ladies to accept all the perturbances and special wishes, such as to switch off the fluorescent lights which caused interference! Only thing we couldn't have was a nice cup of tea - no food or drink allowed in here!

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