Java Applets for Astronomy, (Astro)Physics, Numerica, Electronics:

Joachim Köppen Strasbourg/Illkirch/Kiel 2013


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Introduction This is a collection of Java applets written for teaching, creating exercises, allowing self-study and for use as small research tools. They aim to permit an interactive exploration of the behaviour of physical systems.

Most of the applets are done with the JDK 1.05 only (and thus work also on Netscape3), but some are JDK 1.2.

Space Exploration and Solar System

Stars and Nebulae

our Milky Way galaxy


more Astrophysics

Observation and Instruments

Other Stuff ....

Statistics Simulations

  • Averages is a simple simulation of a sample of a certain length of gaussian noise data. It demonstrates how much the average value and the dispersion vary between different realizations. Also, one sees that the error bars on average and dispersion become smaller if the sample size increases, i.e. how a greater number of measurements increases the accuracy of the average value.

Numerical Techniques

At Applets for Numerical Maths you find applets which I have written to demonstrate, apply, and compare basic numerical techniques, for use in course work, lectures, exercises, and homework problems (as usual, I am far behind for explanation pages):

Radio and Electronics

At Applets for Radio and Electronics I collect applets useful for design of electronic circuits:

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