PN G291.4-00.3: A new Type I planetary nebula

D.Nürnberger, S.Durand, J.Köppen, Th.Stanke, M.Sterzik, S.Els

ABSTRACT In the vicinity of the southern hemisphere giant HII region NGC 3603 we discovered a new planetary nebula: PN G291.4-00.3 located at RA2000 = 11h14m32.1s +/- 0.3s, DEC2000 = -61deg00'02" +/- 1". Monochromatic images reveal a central ring-like structure accompanied by onsets of arc-like filaments which might outline a bipolar outflow. Analysis of the nebula spectrum shows that helium and nitrogen are enriched, while oxygen, sulphur, and argon abundances seem to be solar. The central star must be hot (above 100 kK) and having a luminosity of more than 3000 Lsun. All evidence shows that PN G291.4-00.3 is a high-excitation, density bounded planetary nebula of the Type I, coming from the high-mass end of the intermediate mass stars.