GCO Observations of Neutral Hydrogen in the Magellanic Clouds
Joachim Köppen Kiel Jul.2020

Some brief explanations

This tool shows the results of two surveys of the area around the Magellanic Clouds in the radio line of atomic hydrogen at 21 cm wavelength, done with the 2.3m diameter SRT at Grove Creek Observatory. With a system temperature near 170 K, the integration times are 4 hours on each position. After some repair work in 2019, the observations were repeated.

In 2023 this area of the entire sky was scanned by 24 hour drift scans. The data in the area around the Magellanic Clouds is shown here in three resolutions, 0.75°, 0.5°, and 0.3°.

The results are shown as:

dataset: glong range:

show: vrad = glong = glat =

Mouse position:

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