Drift Scan Survey of Galactic Hydrogen with GCO SRT
Joachim Köppen Kiel Jul.2020-Dec.2020

Some brief explanations

This tool shows the results of drift scan surveys of the Southern Hemisphere skies in the radio line of atomic hydrogen at 21 cm wavelength, which covers as much of the sky as possible with the 2.3m diameter SRT at Grove Creek Observatory. The antenna was left on a position for 24 hours, and then shifted to a neighboring position.

The data are stored in several data cubes with 1°, 2°, and 5° bins in longitude and latitude, and 2 km/s velocity bins from -200 to 400 km/s. The data cubes are available both without and with smoothing to adjacent position bins. The system temperature is about 170 K. Please note that the data cubes with 1 and 2° resolution are quite large and thus take some time to load!

The 1° resolution cube is restricted to galactic latitudes between -50 and +50°, while the 2° and 5° cubes cover all galactic latitudes.

Another survey was done in 2023, shown in resolutions 1 and 2°. From these data the area around the Magellanic Clouds was extracted with resolutions 0.75, 0.5 and 0.3°.

Yet another survey was taken from October 2023 to May 2024, by moving the telescope in 1° every day. The results are shown in resolutions of 1 and 2°.

The results are shown as:

dataset: glong range:

show: vrad = glong = glat =

Mouse position:

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