Second Illkirch Survey of Galactic Hydrogen

Joachim Köppen Strasbourg Oct.2010/Jan.2018

Some brief explanations

This tool shows the results of the second survey at the radio line of atomic hydrogen at 21 cm wavelength, done with the ESA-Haystack radio telescope at the International Space University in Illkirch between July and September 2010.

The system temperature was about 1000 K or somewhat worse ...

The data were taken by staying for 10 min at each galactic longitude (from 0° to about 250° in steps of 2°) and in galactic latitude from -30° to +30° (in steps of 2°), with a coverage in radial velocity from -150 to +150 km/s. The results are shown as:

dataset: glong range:

show: vrad = glong = glat =

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