Images of a Galaxy Undergoing Ram Pressure Stripping
Joachim Köppen Kiel Feb. 2017

This tool shows a false colour 'image' of the surface density of the gas in a galaxy, as it would appear to an external observer, when it is tilted with respect to the plane of the sky.

The parameters are:

Galactic disk:

Gas tail: View:

Enter a value in one of the input fields and click the 'Enter' key of your keyboard. Changes of the parameters of the galaxy or the gas tail require creating a new model, which takes some seconds. Changes of the display options are faster.

outer radius [kpc]
radial scale [kpc]
cen.dens. [Msun/pc3]

Gas tail
outer radius [kpc]
length [kpc]
wind tilt [deg]
tail flare [deg]
sheet flare [deg]

inclination [deg]
min (violet)
max (red)

Mouse position:

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