The HI disc of the Milky Way Galaxy
Joachim Köppen Kiel Nov 2020

This tool computes from a simple model of the gas distribution of the disc of the Milky Way the expected profile of the signal strength for any of the relevant parameters:

The left panel is a false colour map of the intensity as a function of galactic longitude and latitude. The right panel is a plot of the intensity profile in latitude at the specific longitude. For longitudes away from the Galactic Centre the red curve is the profile normalized to the maximum at the Galactic Centre, the blue curve is normalized to its peak value.

The resulting FWHM thickness is displayed at lower left.

Disc parameters:
Outer radius [kpc]
Radial scalelength [kpc]
Scaleheight [kpc]

Observer's position:
x [kpc]
y [kpc]
z [kpc]

Plot @ Gal.longitude

antenna HPBW [deg]

FWHM thickness [deg]
Mouse position:

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