Sun and Moon
Joachim Köppen Kiel Oct. 2022

This utility computes for any time and location the positions of the Sun and the Moon on the Celestial Sphere and in the sky. Enter the values of any framed field and hit the 'Enter' key of your keyboard to get the new display. A yellow El field indicates that a source is below the horizon. Radio fluxes of the Moon at 1.4 and 10 GHz are from fits of observational data.

The image of the Moon shows its true orientation with respect to the horizon (parallel to X-axis) and the local vertical (Y-axis), i.e. like in azimuth and elevation. The thick part of the red line on the illuminated side points in direction of the Sun.

Station: longitude [W] latitude [N]
Date [YMD] day of year                
Time [UT]         Local Sidereal Time       

Ra Dec
Az El
Ang.Diameter [deg]

Ra Dec
Az El
Phase [0 = Full Moon]
angle to Sun [clockwise from top]
Distance [km]
Ang.Diameter [deg]
Geocentric radial velocity. [km/s]
Radial velocity due to Earth rotation [km/s]
Radial velocity (w.r.t. Station) [km/s]
Echo Doppler shift [kHz]    at Freq. [MHz]
Radio Flux 1.4 GHz [Jy]
Radio Flux 10 GHz [Jy]

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