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Joachim Köppen Kiel 2024

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It happened that on May 3rd, 2024 the first spring thunderstorm passed over Kiel. Seeing the dark cloud approaching, I switched on my LF receiver which tunes between about 20 and 180 kHz, feeding it with a 20 cm long ferrite rod antenna. Tuning to near 60 kHz to pick up the time signals from MSF Rugby, and resonating the ferrite antenna with its variable capacitor, I listened to the crashes from the lightnings. Here is a short sample:

The yellow line near the bottom are the time pips from MSF, the two green lines near 2 and 3.5 kHz are some other stations. Vertical lines are the lightning craches whose sharp pulses cover the entire frequency range. Note that they are fainter than the MSF signal, although the thunderstorm was very close.
listen to the sound file ... IT'S PRETTY LOUD !

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