Radio Astronomy on 11 GHz at the International Space University

Joachim Köppen Strasbourg May 2011

These notes are a collection of of our experiences with doing radio astronomy in the Ku-band, i.e. the standard satellite TV band from about 10 to 12 GHz. They contain the descriptions of our system, the experiments that we did as well as the procedures that we went through, results and findings, explanations and suggestions how to do this kind of enterprise.

This project had a particular background: ESA kindly placed at our disposal a complete Ku-band radio telescope which had been developed under its program "Radio Astronomy at Schools" with the objective of delivering small radio telescopes to schools to stimulate interest in science and technology. One such telescope, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Dresden (Germany) was given to ISU for intensive testing and evaluation by our students.

The material presented here we use for our students, and we hope that they are also helpful for others interested in this subject, especially for future users of (what we named) the ESA-Dresden radio telescope.


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